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The name says it all – weekly drop-in workouts for actors to work on different aspects of their craft among peers via Zoom.



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Our Actor's Workouts are spaces to workout and try out new approaches for actors in their numerous skills.

Peers help peers with supportive feedback and create the opportunity we need to perform in front of an audience to work our magic.

Currently we're offering the focuses:



Future focuses could include: poetry, improvisation, Shakespeare, camera acting, self-taping, accent training, song clinic…

We’re aiming to offer multiple focuses per week step by step on different times during the day.


Sign up via our NEWS GUIDE

(for COLD READING by the evening before the session)



Free* for members of Newsroom Theatre Company(NTC). One free first trial session for non-members across the NTC ranch of peer workouts. (*accept live-days and INPUT editions with special guests)

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Every now and then we will invite experts to give talks or run workshops and masterclasses on a workout focus (on such occasions additional costs for participants may occur).


“Cold reading”


Cold reading of a scene allocated by host. Audience are all the participants of the session. Script will be sent as PDF via chat on ZOOM. You’ll get 5min prep time for setting up devices (or print) and a quick brush through.

Please: Get in touch if you like to get the scene before due to dyslexia or similar reasons, it’s completely up to you in what way you want to challenge yourself. The challenge is yours to set. You know best what is too much or not in accord with your experiences of cold reading situations.


Workshop given scene in breakout rooms (20min)


Present worked on scene to the whole group for a second time (no feedback)

Rounding Up

Stay on for Discussions / Socialising / Networking (optional)

Genres on rotation

"Plays: The Classics"

"TV Scripts"

"Contemporary Theatre"

"Movie Scripts"

and from time to time:

"bring a scene"

* you sending us scenes you want to see worked on during the COLD READING session by you or others

* your scripts will be the selection for the team of hosts to curate and cast the picks for the evening - very curious to hear of your choices

Cold reading
Repping the Rep

“Repping the Rep”


Quick meet&greet in the whole group


Split up into breakout rooms of 3 people where individuals have 20min each to perform their song/monologues and collect feedback and workshop ideas.

Bring a song/monologue from your repertoire to keep in shape, a new piece to try out or material you want to prep for an upcoming audition (maybe even a video conferencing audition or collect ideas for a self-tape). You'll have to provide the backing tracks on your side to play during the session when working on a song. Get in touch if you need help with a backing track.


Perform your song/monologue to the whole group (optional)

Completely up to you if you want to perform your song again for the big group. No feedback given here just an additional opportunity to perform your piece.

Rounding Up

Stay on for Discussions / Socialising / Networking (optional)

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