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our managing team

Newsroom Theatre Company is operated by its "team".

Founded, owned and general managed by Benjamin Froehlich, members of the team are members of the company with additional managing responsibilities, are hosting NTC workshops and events, coordinate programmes, create new programmes and events, are involved in the recruitment of new members and NTC's public relation channels and last but not least are working with the company's clients of its production services.

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Benjamin Froehlich

artistic director, programme coordinator, facilitator and founder

Trained as an actor, singer, choir director and singing teacher (and in a former life partially as a medic) Benjamin is a dedicated performer, with a passion for musical theatre. Complimenting performance with  writing, directing and producing experience, Benjamin has experienced the benefits of working with a collaborative approach first-hand, and is energised by the joy of helping others realise their own creative potential. He produces musicals, concerts and tours, founded London International Choir, the reading group ARFY and is directing plays, concerts, choirs, musicals both musically and dramatically. Working both in the UK and abroad, Benjamin is excited by connecting with artists and theatre makers from all backgrounds, across all languages.


Madeleine Leslay

programme coordinator, facilitator, members liaison

Trained as an actor, voice over artist and singer, Madeleine is hugely passionate about storytelling in all its forms. After completing her training at Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, she worked in Shakespeare companies and audiobook narrating sparking a real love and excitement for words and bringing text to life. She also completed a Masters in Musical Theatre at the Royal Acadamy of Music and is also inspired by the story telling capacity that music brings. One of her main passions is encouraging new voices being heard, and she yearns to unite writers, directors, musicians, performers and creatives from all backgrounds to create new work. Newsroom Theatre Company is such an exciting opportunity and Madeleine is thrilled to be a part of it and can’t wait to meet you all. 

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