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Our mission

our mission

LEARN from the past,

CREATE in the present,

CHALLENGE the future

Newsroom Theatre Company aims to proactively support changes in society through theatre and prioritises a collaborative approach to theatre-making, bringing together a range of creative disciplines to produce works which are engaging and socially-aware.

Combining and enriching aspects of a traditional


we offer a variety of services:

member-led workshop programmes

Newsroom Theatre Company offers our artists access to workshops and activities which serve to teach, nurture, challenge and inspire.

production services for members and non-members

Newsroom Theatre Company assists in the development and staging of new scripts and scores in a safe and supportive environment. We can assist with

Connecting you with other creatives/producers

Creating/running workshops

Table reads

Public showings


full-scale productions

Becoming a member of Newsroom Theatre Company allows each artist access to the above services, whilst enjoying the social and creative support that comes from being part of a group of creatives.

We welcome to hear of your ideas for workshops and programmes and are happy to assist in any way with your creative project.

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