Monthly writers/composers workshop their short pieces of theatre writing with a bunch of actors for 1h, present it to each other and exchange feedback. A safe space to workout creativity and artistry for writers/composers and actors alike. Currently on Zoom.

Hosted by Benjamin Froehlich and Madeleine Leslay

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by submitting your piece of writing

(a draft is fine by the deadline - you can keep working on it - we only need the final version for the workout 24h prior to the session)

We welcome both

excerpts of scripts of any subject


scenes written specifically for the session as your workout challenge inspired by this month's theme


Cast: 2 roles minimum

Length: We suggest to work on 5-8min of material. You can use the 1h to work on more, but you can only present 5min to the whole session to gather some further feedback.

We can help with making cuts.


We can currently only include solo songs due to the nature of video conferencing and travel restrictions.

You'll have to provide some form of sheet music, vocal guides, backing track for the actor to prepare and for the session to work. We can help with that though.

You'll be working with your cast as director. We are happy to give you advice on how to lead such a session if that is out of your comfort zone. Or can find you a director/host to assist you in the session. We encourage writers to try to lead the sessions themselves though. We can discuss to bring in your own additional observer.

You can record the showing and the feedback round.

Sign up as an ACTOR

by confirming your availability

If we can't offer you a part (always depends on the scripts and numbers of actors available for a session), you can join the session as a JOKER to jump in if another actor drops out. All remaining JOKERS will form a group and are given some keywords to improvise a short scene to present with the submitted scripts. So every actor signing up can join the session and be actively involved.

Actors in a spoken scene will receive scripts only the evening before the session to read through the piece. No need to be off book.

Actors in a sung scene will receive sheet music, vocal guide and backing track a few days in advance to get familiar with the material. No need to be off book either.

Event structure on ZOOM

- Short Meet and Greet

- Workout Session in separate groups(1h)

- Presentation to the other groups followed by feedback round

A seasonal showcase of our monthly Newsroom Sessions

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